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We do bookkeeping for you

Jidobooks is an affordable bookkeeping outsoursing service for business owners

Tedious work is ours

Let us do bookkeeping instead of you.
What we do: Entering data and Categorizing transactions.

Simple workflow

No hassle in exchanging a lot of emails and meetings with your accountant.
Jidobooks workflow is super simple.

Quality assuarance

We maintain high standard of service with experienced bookkeepers
who are qualified accountants and veteran bookkeepers.

How Jidobooks works

Simple, Simple and Simple.

  • 1. Drop files into a shared folder

    Gather all raw data files such as receipt photo, bill, invoice, and bank statement and put in a Dropbox folder shared with us.

  • ** Jidobooks works! **

    After you share files with us, let us work.
    Please focus on your business :)
    What we do: 1) Data entry, 2) Categorizing transactions

  • 2. Receive transaction data

    Jidobooks provides a list of transactions and general ledger. If necessary, we confirm with you about unclear transactions/categorizations.

  • Your
    Books are

    ** What you'll get **

    Processed data: Transaction list & General ledger
    Other benefit: Saving time and releaved from stress
    Result: You can focus on what you'd like to do!

Management Team

Masana Takahashi

Founder, CEO

Mikko Rissanen

Founder, CTO

We are passionate about supporting business owners.
If you are struggling with bookkeeping, accounting and figures, no worries.
Please let us know!

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